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Join Tokyo's Most Exclusive Supercar Club

Club Velocità is extending a special membership offer (special annual fee) to qualifying attendees of today's event.

Apply for an orientation which includes a complimentary self-drive supercar tour if you sign up for membership. 

(Promotion offer until 6/30/24)

About Club Velocità

Club Velocità is a luxury car sharing platform in Tokyo that gives members the opportunity to connect and share amazing driving experiences.

Club Velocità has grown into a global network of individuals and businesses, where unique experiences are not limited to just supercars.

We offer drift lessons, private circuit lessons, helicopter tours and more, all paired with luxury transport options.

Joining the club is based on trust, by completing our orientation including a driving assessment and interview, you get the keys to 40+ cars.

Car Share Lineup

Club Velocità partners with individual and corporate car owners as well as other experience providers including boats, helicopters, restaurants, hotels, fitness centers, personal trainers, golf courses and more. Club Velocita currently has over 100 members.

How it works

Our business model follows a trend in sharing between individuals (and companies) who would like to share an underutilized asset. The key value within our model is to provide a concierge service to support this process. For anyone who has a car, boat or any experience which they feel could benefit the wider community, our team can help you onboard and connect to our platform. We take great care to screen all members and there is a revenue share.

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Car Sharing Contract

  • C2C Contract

  • Partner cannot earn profit but cover the cost of ownership



Members can rent cars with either a prepay plan or per usage under subscription.

Partners decide on a price and usage limits, reserve the right to accept or reject bookings.

Book an Orientation

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Thanks for applying!

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