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Our business model follows a C2C or B2C model, and our role is connecting partners to consumers. For any bookings there is a revenue share and on both the partner and member side Club Velocita supports to build a well functioning community with likeminded people.

Our business model follows a trend in sharing between individuals (and companies) who would like to share an underutilized asset. The key value within our model is to provide a concierge service to support this process. For anyone who has a car, boat or any experience which they feel could benefit the wider community our team can help you onboard and connect to our platform. We take great care to screen all members and there is a revenue share.






Car Sharing Contract

  • C2C Contract

  • Partner cannot earn profit but cover the cost of ownership

Members can rent cars with either a prepay plan or per usage under subscription

Partners decide on a price and usage limits, reserve the right to accept or reject bookings

Join the Club Velocità Journey

Tokyo Supercars founded May 2017


experience to Hakone,

June 30 2017

Car Sharing launched with 8 cars Dec 1 2017 with 1st member

Club Velocita brand launch

Oct 2018

Supply of

partner cars reach 20+ by

June 2019


numbers reach 70+ by

Dec 2020


Japan, dealer Partnership

Jan 2019


Conrad Partnership

July 2019

Luxury Card Partnership

June 2020

How to Share Your Car

Our partners are individuals or companies willing to share their car, yacht, helicopter or any other experience on the CV platform

Car owners reserve the right to reject booking requests and decide on pricing, rules of use, duration and distance limits.

To onboard your car, it must pass service inspection and all documentation must be valid and submitted

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Members must pay a Monthly subscription fee

Insurance & Liabilities

Users of the cars can use their own insurance policy to drive other members cars.

In case of damage, the excess liability is up to 500,000 JPY

Members can also use the car insurance of the owner

Some owners may require members to pay a deposit in advance to cover the excess liabilities

Any parking or speeding fines borne by the user

Insurance covers the full value of the vehicle plus up to ¥50 million in liability coverage

Partner Benefits

Revenue Share

Partners receive between 50% & 70% of the net revenue per booking


We can support partners with buying and selling cars through our dealer network, including financing

Parking & Delivery


Our concierge can park your car at reasonable prices and deliver for personal use or for member bookings


Our concierge team can also manage the process for servicing and maintenance with favorable pricing

Asset Depreciation


We can introduce a tax accountant to support with the tax return process and calculating asset depreciation

Member Test Drives

All members of Club Velocità go through an interview process including a short driving examination

Understanding basic functions of the car

Handling of the car, especially with left hand drive

Respecting and following traffic rules

Parking ability

Making or Receiving a Booking

We have a multilingual concierge that can take bookings in whatever way is preferred by the partner to save you time

Members can also book via our online platform


For further information or to apply to become a member, fill out the form below to tell us a little about yourself and our team will contact you shortly.

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