392 days ago
2019 Jul 15
Club Velocità Circuit Day at Fuji Speedway

At Tokyo Supercars we love driving on a daily basis, even if it means driving on a national holiday! However, this is no ordinary drive day as this upcoming Monday July 15th, we will be heading out to Fuji Speedway’s Main Circuit.
In order to participate in a track day on Fuji Speedway's Main Circuit, you must be a FISCO License holder. And In order to obtain the FISCO license, you must fill out an application form and go through a 2-hour lecture course. Unfortunately, this is all available only in Japanese. Tokyo Supercars can provide staff to assist and interpret everything for you for a minimal fee.
Tokyo Supercars will be assisting customers on Monday, July 15th, to get their FISCO licenses, and if you are interested in doing the same, please drive down to Fuji and join us! Once getting the license, there will be available times from 2:00PM if you would like to have a track outing in your car.
As there are unfortunately no car rentals available for the 15th, we will be heading to Fuji Speedway once again on July 26th so please feel free to inquire about it and let us know at a minimum of three days in advance to make car rental reservation and necessary adjustments accordingly.  
For further information please visit our homepage link at the following link or email us at info@tokyosupercars.com